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    First, I would like you to know that I’m not just another engineer capable of buoilding a website or create a fun and innovative user experience ! In fact I consider myself more of a creative, curious and « result-focused » young man able to adapt to any situation that I have to face.

    Give me a problematic and I will find solutions !

    I’m applying for a digital marketing manager role so that I can get involved with new and exciting challenges.

    In a world that is ever-changing faster, I want to bring some fresh and creative ideas to build digital strategy that are always more efficient. Would it be : Phone, Computer, Videos, Social Media, App, Website, Advertising, Profiling or many others, whatever it takes.

    These tasks will provide me with the opportunity to apply many og the learnings that I accumulate through the following work experience :

    _Certification of web marketing (google digital active)
    _Many projects at Walt-Web (self-entrepreneur webmaster)
    _BDS (vice-president in a student organization)
    _Freelance UI/UX Designer

    All this experience show me the path to follow in my professionnal future: to become a « digital optimizer » able to grow-up to the point of influencing an entire audience.

    But I must recognize that I was surrounded by a very qualified team determined to help me to succeed.

    I love working as part of a team to deliver great work. It allows me to learn how to manage a team and organize it to deliver results. I genuinely believe in the power of synergy from diverse people, personality and mind.

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    “If you are not Socrates, you must live as if you want to be Socrates.”



    Walt Welb enables small businesses and start-ups to develop their business via digital solutions. It is by developing this activity that I learned to design and develop websites. I also maintain the sites by ensuring their update as well as their marketing optimization. Walt-Web's turnover amounts to 4100 euros for the year 2019.

    Since january 2019


    My role at the ECE Paris Sports Office is to ensure the smooth running of the 13 sports we have on our campus. To do this, I have 25 coaches under my responsibility that I lead and manage every day. I also run the sports promotion campaign. In this way, I have implemented an innovative marketing strategy and an aggressive communication plan that has enableded the number of subscribers to increase by 73% compared to last year.

    Since may 2018


    It's thanks to skills as a graphic designer that I was recruited by the junior company of my school. My knowledge of digital marketing finally offered me a position as a UI|UX expert in their organization. It is, surrounded by other experts and accompanied by a project manager, that I work on various tasks related to the creation of interfaces.

    Depuis mars 2019


    It was as an auto-didact that I followed the Google Digital Active during 1 month. It is through specific cases (for example, the analysis of the digital strategy of the Big Fernand restaurant chain) that I was able to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. I was also able to learn how to develop an international activity.

    December 2017


    “All I know is that I don't know anything.”


    Software, programming language

    Hard Skills

    Final Cut Pro X

    graphic design software




    Web Marketing

    UX UI

    Social Media

    Personality, abilities..

    Soft Skills

    Team Working





    “Nothing great has been done in the world without passion”



    I have been passionate about sports since I was a child, and I regularly run and swim. I am also a goalkeeper and captain of the football team 1 of the ECE Paris (level 1: Running for the national championships).


    It was during a job at a summer camp that I discovered the practices of hypnosis. I then studied this science on my own and now have fun to "hypnotize" some of my friends. I also think that the subconscious universe can be a powerful tool in marketing and communication.


    I was lucky enough to be able to visit several countries with family or friends. I have also been to Israel, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the United States, Mexico, and many European countries.


    “And only among the animals Man is gifted with words”



    Axel Sani
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